Cordelia’s 25th – Party/BBQ Space at Bunc Hostel Singapore

We’re reeeeeeeeeeally excited! It is not new that we do have outdoor decks to cater to parties/celebrations be it just a pot luck with your family and friends or a BBQ gathering, what better way than to do it new, conventional way to provide a refreshing experience to your friends/family?

So, we were glad when we were able to plan a surprise birthday party for Cordelia, 2nd runner up for Miss Universe Singapore and we’re stoked that they were actually celebrating two birthdays, it was Cordelia’s together with Miss Shi Lim, Miss Universe Singapore Winner for 2013.

Let the party begin!

Presenting the birthday girl, Cordelia. 🙂


Together with Shi.


Oh.. the joys of whacking a pinata and the moment where the sweets fall out!

What’s a birthday without a birthday song?




20131005_202037Just some ideas on what could be done when booking a space with us.

What are you waiting for? Choose us as your next party/event venue!

p/s: We always recommend taking one of our dorm rooms as well to further enhance your experience. What’s a party without a staycation with a couple of your best buds? 😀

Quote <CORDELIA> to enjoy exclusive rates for your next stay at BUNC and the Outdoor Deck Event Space Rental.  Read the promotional details on Cordelia’s blog entry:


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★ Bunc x Zouk â˜…

Zouk x Bunc

We’re stoked.

Watch this space.

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Bunc@Radius Hostel, Clarke Quay

And… we’re back! We apologize for the long, long hiatus but now we’re back stronger and better!

We hope you have not forgotten that our second branch Bunc@Radius, Clarke Quay is now open! And we would love to share some photos with you!

Triple Private Room

Presenting.. our Triple Private Rooms. We added a twist and made it to feel like a Loft room.

Breakfast Area

Our new breakfast area with our Smart TV that has plenty of channels, even KBS!

Family Dorm 1

And one of our hot populars, the Family Dorm Ensuite (With attached bathroom) and sleeps up to 6, with a stunning view of Marina Bay Sands as well, we’re digging it!


Thank you R for this lovely photo of our facade as well. The Bunc Team misses you, you have to come back soon for some stingray with us!

If you wish to book for your rooms, you may do so here.

Do remember to show us some love by liking us at Facebook!

Toodles lovelies x

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We’re Turning ONE!


If you’re wondering WHY we haven’t been updating the hostel’s blog, the reason is that we’re preparing for our FIRST ANNIVERSARY and the opening of our new hostel!!!

Yes! We’re expanding!!!! Our guests have been giving us feedback that they look forward to new “Bunc” all over Singapore – so they can stay one day at Little India and another at Chinatown/Clarke Quay! So after much searching around and getting feedback, we have finally decided on … …

OUR NEW HOSTEL: Bunc@Radius Clarke Quay

Our promotional poster on facebook.

Our promotional poster on facebook.

While you’re reading this post, we are currently building our beds and painting our walls! Our hostel is set to open in mid Marc so do visit us while you’re in Singapore!  Of course, we’ll be coming out wiht promotions to stay tuned!

Here’s some photos of attractions near where we are at Clarke Quay!





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Christmas with Bunc!

It’s Bunc@Radius’ first EVER Christmas and we’re all pretty stoked on this day. Simply because we decide to act like elves – Santa’s red elves.

santa elves

Due to the overwhelming bookings + activities + events, our elves rushed out close to 200 bags of goodies for our guests!!

Huge credits to Hanafee, Bernard, Adrian, Xin Yi, Zhi Wei and Winnie for getting all the items/printing the stickers/packing them overnight and sneakily putting them on our guests’ beds!! 😀

IMG_0462 IMG_0494

IMG_0518Christmas Bags on a guest’s bed!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Christmas Party with Bunc!

Hello everyone!

We know we’ve been pretty quiet these past few days. Even Santa needs to check in! 😛


There’s just so many things going on!
We’ve been actively planning for special unique tours that NO OTHER HOSTEL is doing! Excited? Stay tuned for more then!!

So Christmas is fast approaching and we are also having a Christmas Countdown partyyy!!!

Christmas 2012

It’s the season of giving and Bunc is here to give you free party goodie bags, free shots and free entries to clubs! On Christmas – how is that possible????

So join us and party awayyyyyy!!!

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This December….

We absolutely adore December.
December is the time when the Christmas Decor goes crazy at Orchard Road.
See pictures below for what we mean. (haha!)

Honestly, it’s a beautiful site. Fairy lights everywhere, giant christmas trees and all sort of other decorations!
So while you’re here with us for Christmas, don’t forget to purchase the city-sightseeing tickets from us and go for a tour and get mesmerized with the decorations!!

(P.S – Remember to bring your sunglasses!! hahha 😛 )

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