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In Nov, we hosted quirky and fun Blogger Magdalene Chow aka Modgam, her Hubs and her BFFs for a Birthday Staycation at Bunc @ Radius, Little India.

Here are their individual selfies. Don’t they look familiar? Hellooo… Mike, Iron Man, The Hulk, James and Minions


Did you guessed it correctly? Mag is behind the Mike’s mask.

We specially decorated our 6-bedded dorm with colourful balloons for Vin, the birthday boy. *Nobody is too old for balloons-WEE!*


As the sun begins to set, they started the BBQ-ing.

Chicken Wings, Satay, Otah, Sambal Stingray, Prawns, Hotdogs… you name it, they got it.


Vin, the Birthday Boy poses with macaroons baked with ❤ by Angelina and pretty cupcakes by courtesy of Butter Studio.


Say CHEESE! Final group shots with the Birthday Boy.



Quote ‘MODGAM’ to enjoy exclusive rates for your next reservation at BUNC and the Outdoor Deck Event Space Rental. Read the promotional details on Mag’s blog:


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Staycation in Singapore – Bunc Hostel x Zouk

Looking for a suitable place to your staycation?

Wishing to get away from work for awhile – to just let loose and hang out with your best buds?

The usual procedures to planning a staycation would be as such
1) Finding your “dream” hotel that fits your budget (Usually takes up to 1 week with endless possibilities – how pretty does the room look? what other facilities are there?)
2) Grabbing a few of your best girlfriends to join you on the staycation
3) Planning the feasibility of it, how much per person etc.
4) Planning of what to do during the staycation, where to go and what to do.

We say.. scrape that!


Bunc x Zouk

By staying with us, you get a luxury hostel stay – no frills, no worries and the best thing is with our special package you get Zouk tickets as well. What are you waiting for? Book here now! 

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Blogger Yuki & Friends – Staycation at Bunc Hostel

Earlier this month, we invited Chinese blogger Yuki Ng & her friends, Ginna (on her left) and Isabelle (right) over for a 2D1N stay-cation at Bunc Hostel.

2013-10-05 16.46.58_副本

*WOW* YUKI’s flexibility is amazing isn’t it? She puts our Customised Bunc beds to the test (Length×Width×Height). PASSED!

2013-10-06 11.43.44_副本

Next, Yuki went on to test our Bunc bed frames with all her stuns. PASSED!!! Oh wait, is that a cupcake on her tummy? Now that you have seen it, I bet you are convinced that our beds are strong enough to handle almost anyone and everyone.

2013-10-06 12.37.12_副本

Here’s 3 good reasons why you should take a staycation with us:

1. Life gets boring, let’s face it. The 9-5 job, cooking, washing & laundry… Break the mediocrity of everyday life!

2. Staycations at Bunc are AFFORDABLE!

3. Staycations at Bunc are FUN! Be it with your family, friends or loved ones, how often do you get a chance to sleep with them in a room and have a Heart-to-Heart talk? You can even do a cook-out session at Kitchenette or book our Outdoor Deck to do a BBQ. As the night falls, watch a movie or play Xbox games at our Movie Deck. If you are adventurous enough and above the legal age, sign up for a pub crawl at our Fun Desk!

Everyone deserves a break, so let BUNC manage!

Quote ‘YUKI’ to enjoy exclusive rates for your next reservation at Bunc and the Outdoor Deck Event Space Rental. *Read the promotional details on Yuki’s blog entry:


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Cordelia’s 25th – Party/BBQ Space at Bunc Hostel Singapore

We’re reeeeeeeeeeally excited! It is not new that we do have outdoor decks to cater to parties/celebrations be it just a pot luck with your family and friends or a BBQ gathering, what better way than to do it new, conventional way to provide a refreshing experience to your friends/family?

So, we were glad when we were able to plan a surprise birthday party for Cordelia, 2nd runner up for Miss Universe Singapore and we’re stoked that they were actually celebrating two birthdays, it was Cordelia’s together with Miss Shi Lim, Miss Universe Singapore Winner for 2013.

Let the party begin!

Presenting the birthday girl, Cordelia. 🙂


Together with Shi.


Oh.. the joys of whacking a pinata and the moment where the sweets fall out!

What’s a birthday without a birthday song?




20131005_202037Just some ideas on what could be done when booking a space with us.

What are you waiting for? Choose us as your next party/event venue!

p/s: We always recommend taking one of our dorm rooms as well to further enhance your experience. What’s a party without a staycation with a couple of your best buds? 😀

Quote <CORDELIA> to enjoy exclusive rates for your next stay at BUNC and the Outdoor Deck Event Space Rental.  Read the promotional details on Cordelia’s blog entry:

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★ Bunc x Zouk ★

Zouk x Bunc

We’re stoked.

Watch this space.

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Christmas Party with Bunc!

Hello everyone!

We know we’ve been pretty quiet these past few days. Even Santa needs to check in! 😛


There’s just so many things going on!
We’ve been actively planning for special unique tours that NO OTHER HOSTEL is doing! Excited? Stay tuned for more then!!

So Christmas is fast approaching and we are also having a Christmas Countdown partyyy!!!

Christmas 2012

It’s the season of giving and Bunc is here to give you free party goodie bags, free shots and free entries to clubs! On Christmas – how is that possible????

So join us and party awayyyyyy!!!

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Something wicked this way comes……


What did you guys do for Halloween? So for our very first Halloween at Bunc Hostel, we had a…..

That’s right we had a Movie Night + Pub Crawl + Free Entry to Avalon!! Everyone was having fun, laughing, singing songs. What a lovely night!

The awesome guys from Drink Deals (dressed up as LMFAO) led the group to 4 different bars and end of at Ku De Ta!! 🙂  We would also like thank Parnella from EF for all the help! 🙂

We shall now let the photos do the taking:

Setting Up!

Cotton Candy from our own DIY cotton Candy Machine 😛

Movie – Nightmare on Elm Street 2!

Parnella as a bloody mushroom!!

More pre-pub crawl shots! With Winnie being an ”extra” lol!

Chris – Everyday I’m Shuffling

With our Bunc Staff

On the MRT, on our way from Little India to Clarke Quay!
If you’re wondering, yes we got loads of stares! 😛

And we arrive at our first destination!!! 🙂

Alex our other Drink Deals Crawler with Winnie! 🙂 The Afro-buddies!


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