Druther Bike Rental

Although we’re located in between 2 convenient MRT stations, to some of us, a 10 mins walk may still be a little too far off.

I believe our newest addition is going to help you and make your trip around Singapore way more convenient and efficient!!
Druthers Bike Rental is providing bicycle rental to everyone out there!! From a 10mins walk to a 2 mins cycle, you save a lot of time and energy for other activities while you’re in Singapore!!

What are the awesome benefits of renting a Druther’s bicycle?

1. Druther’s bicycles are foldable. 

See here! The bicycle on the right is how it looks after it’s folded! Convenient and light! Definitely a plus!!
Of couse, when it’s foldable …. you can:

2. Bring in the MRT and Shopping Malls!

Bicycle in the train!

Bicyle in shopping mall

So now, cycle from the hostel to the MRT, take the train to Orchard Road for coffee and cycle around and down to Chinatown, Marina Bay and all other places!!! And of course, definitely a lot more time to…..

3. Maximise your time and enjoy Singapore’s beautiful garden!

So rent your bicycle here with at Bunc with us from $5/hour!

What more can you ask for?

* Stay tuned for cycling tours coming up!!!

(Photos courtesy of Druther’s Bicycle Rental – Andrew)


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