Backpackages – Packages designed for Backpackers! :)

As backpackers ourselves, we absolutely love it when sweet, cheap and amazing deals pop out. So here at Bunc, we make sure our guests get small surprises and have lots of fun in Singapore!

Let us introduce our very first backpackage! 🙂

Limited to only for the month of September, we’re giving out FREE night safari tickets!!!!!!!!!

At $29/bed (already promotional price) for 2 nights, we’re giving you a free ticket to Night Safari worth $32.00!!
How can you miss this??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Besides, the Night Safari just opened it’s newest attraction – The Wallaby Trail!!

This trail was inspired by the unique and exotic wildlife of the Australian Outback and highland forests. Check out some of Australia’s most fascinating nocturnal wildlife natives!!

So hurry hop on to our website: to book your beds this September now!!!


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