Unveiling the Mystery

What catches their eyes when guests first step into a hostel?

It’s not our Apple computers nor the touch-screen PCs. Neither is it the awesome Pearl River Beer selling at $5 each.
For Bunc, it’s our “A Piece of Singapore in Every Jar”.

These jars are placed on the shelves right next the breakfast counter and a lot of guests have been asking us – Just what on earth are they??

Most of them are old-school toys that kids play in the 60s to 80s when toys/games such as gameboy or barbie dolls aren’t available. Other items include household items that are used or produced by the Indians living in Singapore previously. Items include: Cigarette Cases / Lamps etc. (Afterall, we’re located at Little India right? :P)

Here’s a little introduction to some of our favourites among them all. 🙂

1. Five Stones
You may not be familiar with the name “five stones” but it is also known as Knucklebones or Jacks. It is played with five small triangular cloth bags filled with seeds, rice or sand. The goal is to score as many points as possible. A point is scored when a player completes the eight steps in throwing and catching ‘five’ stones. 2 or more players can play this game.

2. Chapteh
Chapteh is patois for shuttlecock. Colourful feathers are attached to a rubber or plastic base. The idea of the game is to keep the shuttlecock airborne for as long as possible by kicking it. The winner is the player who manages the most number of kicks.

3. Marbles
Marbles is a street game people have been playing since before there were streets. Marbles involves rolling or throwing your marble to either try and hit a target marble or to hit the other players’ marbles.

4. Donkey Cards
This card game is similar to OLD MAID which most of you will be familiar with. Similar to Old Maid, Donkey is a shedding card game and is played with a 52-card deck.

So the next time you stay with us, ask our friendly staff more or have a game or two! 🙂


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