Guests Who Stayed With Us

Places I  Recommend:
The Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park were amazing! I personally liked the bird park more than the zoo! I learned so much about birds from across the world. Another highlight for me is the Marina. Just walking around the area, looking at the different boats and enjoying the beautiful weather! I also went to Sentosa. A great place to relax and enjoy the beach!

Food to Try:
My favorite food here is Indian food. I love going to the little tiny restaurants that are locally owned. Usually they are the most delicious and the cheapest by far! I especially love rice balls! So tasty found locally to Bunc!

What I Love About Bunc:
I love the roof top ” fun room”. There is a TV to watch movies on, a kitchen and a nice large area to meet and relax with other travelers. The next big highlight for me was the breakfast! Lots of options plus eating at a long table made it even easier to meet and get to know other backpackers! A great hostel, if I am ever in Singapore again, I would definitely return!


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